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Metal Roofing and Siding Information and Prices for Panel-Loc Plus™
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29 Gauge
Panel-Loc Plus™
$114.95 Per Square
$3.64 Per Linear Ft
With DripX™
$167.34 Per Square
$5.30 Per Linear Ft
26 Gauge
Panel-Loc Plus™
$144.94 Per Square
$4.59 Per Linear Ft
With DripX™
$190.39 Per Square
$6.03 Per Linear Ft
40 Year Painted
Panel-Loc Plus™
Value Panel
$103.88 Per Square
$3.29 Per Linear Ft
Great for Projects
on a budget!
Panel-Loc Plus™ Metal Roofing and Siding is ideal for residential, agricultural, and light commercial projects. Available in 29 and 26 gauge. Panel-Loc Plus™, with the Central Guard® Paint System that provides a timeless attractive appearance and lasting durable performance with a Limited Lifetime Paint Warranty. Panel-Loc Plus™ is also available with the DripX™ Condensation Control System Option. Other available finish options for Panel-Loc Plus™ are Galvalume® 26 and 29 gauge and 29 gauge 40-Year Painted
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CLICK HERE - To pop-open the Panel-Loc Plus™ Color Chart PDF.

Panel-Loc Plus™ Features

20 Year Substrate Warranty PDF
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Central Guard™ Paint Warranty PDF
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 Limted Lifetime Paint Warranty using the Central Guard™ paint system technology.
 20-year Galvalume® Substrate Warranty.
 Optional DripX™ Condensation Control Panel Backing Available.
 Class A fire resistance.

Panel-Loc Plus™ Flyer
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 Full hard, 26- and 29-gauge steel manufactured to industry specifications. Producing a minimum tensile strength of 80,000 PSI.
 Class 4 impact resistance, withstanding the most severe weather, including ice, driving wind, and heavy snow.

Panel-Loc Plus™ Color Chart PDF
 Available in 21 colors and Bare Galvalume®.

Siphon Groove
 Employs our state-of-the-art siphon groove, a drain channel that guards against wind, rain, and snow; eliminating leaks. The siphon groove on the underlap of the panel interlocks with the overlap of the next panel, adding strength to the purlin bearing rib. This design permits free-flow water runoff while channeling out any water that might be forced into the snug-fitting lap.
Condensation Control System
DripX™ is a factory-applied backer material that controls condensation. When temperature and humidity
DripX™ Flyer PDF
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conditions reach the dew point, moisture condenses on the underside of a metal roof and forms drops of water, which can rain down on anything below it causing serious damage and irritation. Roof panels with DripX™ applied have a medium for trapping this moisture in the pockets formed in the membrane material. DripX™ holds moisture until conditions go back above the dew point, and the condensation is released back into the air in the form of natural humidity.
 Anti-microbial material, WON'T mold or mildew
 Appropriate for use in animal confinement.
 UL Fire Rated
 Noise reduction - up to 20% of rain noise and reflective noise (echo)
 Holds up to 10 times its weight in water, more than 1 quart per 10 square feet
 Eliminates the need for Vapor Barrier, saving time and reducing costs.
Panel-Loc Plus™ Profile
Help with Measuring

   When ordering your steel package you will need to provide a few key measurements. Here are drawings that help with measuring.
To view the drawings in a Web Page - CLICK HERE
To view the drawings as a PDF file - CLICK HERE
Trim Use Drawings

   Here are drawings that show how steel trim is generally installed.
To view the drawings in a Web Page - CLICK HERE
To view the drawings as a PDF file - CLICK HERE
Panel-Loc Plus™ Installation Guide

Panel-Loc Plus™ installation Guide PDF - CLICK HERE
Panel-Loc Plus™
Product Guide

Panel-Loc Plus™ Product Guide PDF - CLICK HERE
Panel-Loc Plus™ Delivery Coverage Area
If your job site is out side the delivery area, please check out or Imperial Rib Panel available Nation Wide - CLICK HERE
DELIVERY CHARGES NOT INCLUDED:  We at Michiana Building Supplies make every effort to keep delivery charges reasonable and competitive. Deliveries are primarily made by flat-bed semi truck. Boom and fork-lift off loading is available in select areas for an additional charge. Delivery charges are based on order size, delivery location and job-site accessibility. We always disclose delivery charges before you place your order.

We also accept
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Enery Star Metal Roofing & Siding Is 100% Recyclable!
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