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An Estimating App Developed by Michiana Building Supplies, Co.
Metal Roofing and Siding Estimator for our Panel-Loc Plus™ Panel
Use the simple form below to get an Instant Estimate for Metal Roofing and Siding, Trim, Fasteners, Accessories, Gutters and Sliding Barn Doors. There is also an option for Interior Ceiling and Wall Metal. All information submitted is kept completely confidential. We do not sell, share or distribute personal information. If your design is custom or you just prefer a live person, feel free to call us at 269 683 2723.
Building Dimensions
Building Width  ft A. Enter the exterior width of your building.

B. Enter the exterior length of your building.

C. Enter the ceiling height of your building. For an estimate of just the roof steel package enter a ceiling height of 0.

D. Wainscot is a wall style option. Would you like to do the lower 3ft to 4ft of wall in a different color?
Building Length  ft
Ceiling Height  ft
Include Wainscot             
Interior Metal-Ceiling and/or Walls    Option to figure an Interior Ceiling and/or Interior Wall Metal Package For Your Building.
Figure Interior Steel Only - Check this box to figure Only the Interior Ceiling and/or Interior Wall Metal Package.
Roofing Material Options
Roofing Material 
  • The "None" Option is to Figure a Wall Only Metal Package Estimate.
  • Select Roof Pitch (the steeper the roof the higher the pitch)
  • Overhangs are the option to calculate Soffit and Fascia System
Roof Pitch 
Side Wall (Eave) Roof Overhang 
End Wall (Gable) Roof Overhang 
Include Gutter 
Slider Door Systems and Trimmed Door Opening Options
Door 1 Type  Size ft x H  ft  Qty
  • Enter the door opening sizes for your slider and overhead doors.
  • To remove a door from the estimate, make the quantity 0.
Door 2 Type  Size ft x H  ft  Qty
Door 3 Type  Size ft x H  ft  Qty
Include Slider Door Hardware 
Additional Options
Quantity of Trimmed
3-ft Walk-Door and Window Openings
Contact Information
  • Enter your email address in the field below, after the Steel Siding and Trim Estimate is displayed, you will be Emailed a copy.
  • For a more accurate Estimate, allow the estimator to include a "guestimate" of Delivery Charges by filling out the State field.
Job Name
State Regional Delivery Available for Panel-Loc Plus™.
If you do not see your area in the state list, please use our Imperial Rib® Estimator.
Zip Code
Phone -
Fax -
Notes and Questions
Please call me about this estimate. I want to get moving on my building project.

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